Skizze von Bambus



für kleines leinwandformat besser geeignet- für mich etwas ungewohnt ein Miniformat-da ich andere Größen gewohnt bin, eine gute Übung.




„1000 of needed things??

1000 of needed things??? acryl/cancas 80x60
1000 of needed things???
acryl/cancas 80×60


inspired by Hong Hao s pictures in the magazin “ Kulturaustausch“  his things are my 1000 things now

put some  of his photos on paper cutted pieces on canvas and acrylcolours  thinking about things

do we really need to buy or posess millions of “ things“ ?? I think we need more than things..

we need people who come together to think what we are doing with our 1 world.