Liebster Award

1. question: light is essential for life, for art
2. question:NEVER VISITED ONE .one of yours you showed in your blog, paris???
3.question:paintings of august Macke
4. question: sunlight
5. question: indigo blue,sienna light..
6.question: good healthy day
7.question: no war
8.question: of corse summertime, I like best
9. question: nature means everything for me, very important
10. question: differnt, fruits with flakes
11. question: light is essential for my art paintings

Faszination Licht

Liebster Award

Thank you Melanie for nominating me for the „Liebster Award“. „Life is beautiful!„, each time I’m visiting your blog, indeed, life seems to me even more then beautiful. Life is full of miracles an the nature is one of the most representative of this matter of fact. And you have the perfect eye, to catch those beautiful miracles and to made it visible to others.

The „Liebster Award“ is for me a sort of confirmation, that I’m now definitively a member of the blogging community. I like it and it makes me feel good. Nevertheless, sometimes I wish to get to know the people behind all that passion to maintain a blog, ore even severals.

As I accept the „Liebster Award, I’m following the official rules:


  • Acknowledge and link back to the person who nominated you – check
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you –…

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